American West

“The spirit of the American West is fierce and finessed. And the collector who epitomizes this idea, creates a personal style that shows strength and a sense of adventure” IMG_1006.REV American West, is an organic exploration of the balance between soft and strong, fierce and finessed, wild and precious. the natural motifs combine with a sense of magical realism to create a complex show of form, space and movement. Realistically rendered wild roses blossom from strong thorny frames that carve around like a wandering river bed. Ellie has been intrigued with the American west since childhood.  But her love affair with the west began in earnest several years ago when she went to Park City, Utah on a mountain biking trip. The beautiful trails with their long, challenging climbs (up to 8800 feet on one ride) and swift flowing downhill descents were exhilarating! She drove up the road (6 hours) to Ketchum, Idaho and explored rocky pine forest trails. A month later, she went to Jackson Hole, Wyoming riding Cache Creek to Snow King, learning about bears and mountain lions and that you never ride between a moose and her baby. As she traveled she made new friends and met the gallery owners that now carry her work.  What started with a single buckle in 2008, has grown into a full collection of signed limited editions of 25. Each one is presented in a fitted American walnut box, hand made in Montana. Ellie travels showing her work in the western states of Wyoming, Idaho and Montana in March and September.  See events page for details.    

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