Pink Tourmaline

pink-tourmaline-earringsBirthstone: OctoberEarrings from the Time + Space Collection with round Rubellite Tourmalines Yellow Sapphires and Diamonds in 18K Gold
Variety: Tourmaline (Silicate Mineral)
Chemical Composition: Aluminum, Iron, Magnesium, Sodium, Lithium, and Potassium
Hardness: 7-7.5
Specific Gravity: 3.06(-.05+.15)
Refractive Index: 1.62-1.65
Color: Pink, if too red then is is a Rubellite
Where Found: Mostly mined in Sri Lanka, Brazil, Sweden, and Africa. In US found in Maine and Southern California.

Pink Tourmaline in Folklore

The pink tourmaline is known to allow trust in the power of love. It is also associated with holistic medicine. It also symbolizes friendship and compassion. Sometimes a pink and green tourmaline combine in the same crystal, producing a gem called “watermelon tourmaline”.

A Custom Ring with large Oval Peridot flanked with pear shape Pink Tourmalines in 18K Gold

Ellie’s Take On Pink Tourmaline
The range of pinks available in tourmaline is truly amazing, but often it depends on the locality. My favorite gemstone is the bright Fuschia Rubellite variety- It came on the scene in 1999 when a major gem pocket was discovered in Nigeria- this material was bright in color and very clean in clarity, something unusual that distinguished this mine find from other localities- It was plentiful, the large discovery of stones lasted about 6 years with repeatable, matching colors that could be cut in matching sizes- I used 6mm square princess cuts a lot in the pendulum earring collection that I released in 2000. My go-to pair of earrings for any occasion is from this collection. They are 18K yellow gold with 7mm squares set on point in bezels with diamonds- the chains are over 3 inches in length- They Really Swing! I also like combining this gemstone with golden beryl, peridot, chocolate zircon, and amethyst. In muted pink tones, I like to set it in white gold or platinum and pair it with diamonds or pearls.